Esttar Pty. Ltd.
ACN 152532959

Esttar Pty. Ltd. is a company registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The company number is 152532959. The date of registration is 08/08/2011. The company type is APTY - Australian proprietary company. The company status is REGD - Registered. The company class is LMSH - Limited by Shares.

LMSH - Limited by Shares. The liability of the members is limited to the amount unpaid on their shares. Shareholders are not required to contribute any further monies (in the case of a winding up) if the shares they have taken up are fully paid.

Esttar Pty. Ltd. · 152532959

Australian Company Number (ACN) 152532959
Company Name ESTTAR PTY. LTD.
Company Type APTY - Australian proprietary company
Class LMSH - Limited by Shares
Sub Class PROP - Proprietary other
Status REGD - Registered
Registration Date 08/08/2011

08/08/2011 · Australia Company